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Komatsu Souvenir Shopping Guide

We know souvenir shopping, whether it be for family and friends back home, or as a memento to recall your heartfelt travel experiences, is an essential part of Japan travel for many!


Especially in local areas like Komatsu, with their own unique local specialties you can find nowhere else in Japan.


So we’ve created this guide as a quick reference on where to secure your Komatsu souvenirs, and our recommendations if you find yourself spoiled for choice!


From food products using Komatsu’s representative produce, to handmade crafts from local artisans!


Major Souvenir Shops

The most accessible and well-stocked souvenir shops are found at Komatsu Station and Komatsu Airport, but if you happen to be touring around Lake Kiba Park, you may find some unique local options at the roadside station (Michi-no-eki) there too!

Komatsu Souvenir Store 小松土産店
(Komatsu Station)


Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM
Closed: Open year-round
Access: Inside Komatsu Station
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Sora no Eki 空の駅
(Komatsu Airport)

9AM – 7.30 PM
Closed: Open year-round
Access: Komatsu Airport 1F
(15 min bus / 20 min cycle from Komatsu Sta.)
Google Maps

Roadside Station Komatsu Kibagata
道の駅 こまつ木場潟


Hours: 8.30 AM – 6.30 PM (~6PM Nov-Mar)
Closed: Wed (Jan-Feb), 1/1-1/3
Access: 20 min bus / 30 min cycle from Komatsu Sta.
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Recommended Komatsu Specialties


Komatsu is a the largest tomato producer in the Hokuriku reigon, with our tomatoes used at major chains like MOS Burger!

You’ll find a wide variety of tomato-flavored products, from savory curries and rice crackers, to sweet jams and taiyaki!

While the tomato taiyaki and daifuku are currently only available from Mari-chan’s food truck stationed at Kibagata on weekends, and wagashi shop Koda Futaba respectively, we highly recommend getting your hands on these rare treats if you get a chance!


Learn more from our Komatsu Tomato article:

Little Local Finds: Tomato Treats



Komatsu is also one of the top barley producers in Japan, and apart from enjoying it the conventional way as tea or grains, local confectionery shops have also come up with a range of innovative barley sweets!

Tea (Kaga Bocha)

Komatsu was a crucial historical breeding ground of tea culture, with the founder of the Urasenke school of tea based here as tea magistrate. Furthermore, it is where the very first tea cultivators of Hokuriku can be found!


That pioneering tea shop, Choboya, can be found just near the station, but their tea are available across souvenir stores too!


When in Ishikawa the tea to get would be Kaga Bocha, a locally-unique roasted green tea (hojicha) using tea stems rather than leaves (hence low in caffeine!)


Our particular recommendation is the homemade milk jam flavored with Choboya’s Kaga Bocha, from local cafe Machiya Bunko, but do look out for plenty of other Kaga Bocha-flavored sweets!


Supplied with the spring waters of Mt. Hakusan, one of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains, Ishikawa is known for both high-quality rice, as well as the sake derived from it!


Komatsu has its own share of well-known local breweries, from the global award-winning Shinsen label (from Higashi Brewery), to (the over 90-year-old “God of Sake-brewing”) Noguchi Naohiko’s Sake Institute, to over 150-year-old Kaetsu.


Noguchi Naohiko’s sake are easily recognised by their iconic spiral logo (Komatsu Station, Komatsu Airport, Kibagata)

Komatsu Mascot Kabukky

Lastly, if you’re looking for something cute and ostensibly “Komatsu”, why not grab something shaped or printed with Komatsu’s city mascot, Kabukky? (modeled after legendary warrior Benkei, the protagonist of the Kanjincho kabuki play set in Komatsu)

You might also notice many goods starring both Kabukky… and Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin!?

The Pom Pom Purin designer actually hails from Komatsu, hence fans of the popular character will be delighted to know they can find many collaboration goods in Komatsu.

In line with the pudding theme, the city has also recently launched the “Komatsu Pudding Project”, with stores throughout the city coming up with their own pudding creations! You’ll find an extensive selection of these at the Komatsu Station souvenir store.



Of course the full selection at any of the above souvenir stores are far wider than this, including a colorful selection of the Kutani Ware Ishikawa is known for, but we hope this serves as a useful guide as you choose!