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Little Local Finds: Tomato Treats

You may have heard that Komatsu’s local specialty (what you may call meibutsu 名物 in Japan) is tomatoes.

We are in fact the top tomato producer in the Hokuriku region!


During tomato season in summer (May~July), you’ll easily find these ruby red gems at the Michi-no-Eki roadside station at Kibagata, or JA Aguri.


But if you’re wondering where to find tomato treats and dishes concocted by our local eateries and shops,

we’ve got you covered with a list of our own favorite finds!

From the sweet, to the savory, to the spicy, these creative local inventions will totally change your appreciation of the humble tomato 😉



Tomato Daifuku

Tomato Mochi

Tomato Taiyaki

Tomato Jam/Sauce/Curry

Tomato Cake

Tomato Rice Crackers

Tomato Soba

Tomato-Picking Experience

Tomato Daifuku

The very first tomato treat we have to introduce is the one most likely to raise eyebrows… but actually probably our top tomato pick <3


The tomato daifuku from 70-year-old wagashi shop, Koda Futaba 河田ふたば! @kouda__futaba


If you are familiar with fruit daifuku (fruit encased in red bean paste, wrapped in mochi skin),

you might be confused on many counts.


Do they just put a tomato slice in there?


Daifuku is sweet isn’t it? (the most classic fruit daifuku being strawberry ichigo daifuku)


What’s a sour tomato doing in there?


But just take a bite and your questions will be answered.

1) It is an entire cherry tomato in there (freshly harvested from nearby farmer Mr. Honda)

2) Komatsu’s tomatoes are so sweet they go in daifuku as well as (in fact we argue, better than) any other fruit


Many of you may still be unconvinced, but trust that we have watched many a skeptical face transform from doubt to delight on their first bite, and successfully converted many to tomato daifuku fans 😛


So just give it a try! (warning: the tomatoes are so juicy fresh that they’re rather explosive, so bite with care!)




Both the mochi and the tomato are really best as fresh as possible, so if the weather’s good we recommend sitting down at the benches right outside the shop, where you can soak in the scenic views of paddy fields while savoring your daifuku!



Koda Futaba 河田ふたば

9AM – 6PM (while stocks last)

Closed Wed, 2nd & 4th Tue

Tomato Mochi

For those who really aren’t keen on the idea of a whole tomato in their mochi, the ones from Goshuin 御朱印 have it in puree form instead! Much more bite-size and less explosive than the aforementioned tomato daifuku.




Even in puree form, it retains the refreshing tartness of Komatsu tomatoes, the perfect summer treat to perk you up!


Note that you have to order these tomato mochi online beforehand and collect them in-store:

Order Tomato Mochi from Goshuin Online Shop

While not a must, they are best eaten chilled!


Goshuin 御朱印

9AM – 6PM

Closed Wed

Tomato Taiyaki

Another sweet tomato treat that converted us from skeptics to fans is the tomato taiyaki from locally-beloved taiyaki auntie, Mari-chan!

With a filling of Komatsu tomato paste, and a crisp crust blended with Komatsu carrots :O


We love Mari-chan’s taiyaki for their crisp edges

Healthy yet satisfying.


Mari-chan’s taiyaki used to be a rare treat only for those lucky enough to run into her food truck, but with the opening of her 8989 TAIYAKI Cafe @taiyaki89898989, you can catch one of these fishies anytime!

You can also still catch her taiyaki truck at Roadside Station Komatsu Kibagata (michi-no-eki) on weekends!


You’ll have no difficulty spotting Mari-chan’s bright red truck, and her bright smile ^^


This too is a treat best enjoyed piping hot from the grill, crisp edges and all, but if you can’t eat it on the spot, consider getting the frozen ones found at souvenir shops, and toasting it yourself at home.


8989 TAIYAKI Cafe

Tue – Sat

10AM – 6PM


Tomato Jam/Sauce/Curry

If you love the tomato filling of Mari-chan’s taiyaki, you might be keen to purchase her homemade organic tomato jam too!


Found in cute square jars at her shop, the Michi-no-Eki, airport souvenir shops, and other local goods stores around Komatsu.


Marichan’s homemade organic tomato jam (image from komatsumon.net)


If you are curious about the other flavors as well, you might be happy to hear that all the fruits used are either from Mari-chan’s own farm or other local farmers! (a project she started to make use of the unsellable fruits and vegetables of local farmers)


Looking for something savory instead? Then try JA Komatsu’s tomato ketchup.


Even if you’re not usually a fan of ketchup due to artificial flavorings, this is not your usual fast food ketchup.

As expected from the use of fresh tomatoes and exclusion of preservatives or coloring, the taste is refined and refreshing.


So it can be used just like tomato sauce in fried rice (with an omelette on top!), pastas, risotto, and many other creative recipes you may conceive of!


But if you want something requiring minimal cooking, then another must-try is tomato curry!

As expected of the curry-loving Komatsu community 😛


You can find it on the menus of the canteen at the Kibagata roadside station, or Sora Cafe at Komatsu Airport… or to enjoy it back home, get the curry roux packs sold at souvenir shops.


The classic way to enjoy it is of course with rice, but we’re sure it’s yummy with udon or bread too!


Note that there are actually two types available: the mild one in red packaging, and black one mixed with a myriad of spices (29, to be specific) to give that extra kick and fragrance. They are also made from different stocks, the former with chicken, and the later with beef.


The two types of tomato curry roux produced by JA Komatsu: the black spicy one and red mild one (image from komatsumon.net)


Whichever you choose, you’re assured of 100% tomato goodness, since no water is added in the production process at all, maintaining the full richness of the tomatoes. And again, no artificial seasonings here either!

The jam, ketchup and curry can all be found at the Roadside Station Komatsu Kibagata or ordered online @komatsumon.net 


Roadside Station Komatsu Kibagata 道の駅 こまつ木場潟

8.30 AM – 6.30PM


Tomato Cake

Lastly in the sweet department, something for those who prefer to have their cake and eat it 😛

Cafe Lotus, a humble little family-run cafe, is a hidden gem for unique and affordable cakes.

The author has become a regular to the cafe since trying the tomato chiffon cake on their first visit.


The tomato chiffon, with a side of strawberry jelly served with any cake

With delicate chiffon and cream, and a tomato flavor that is just enough to be distinct without overpowering. And of course a sweet juicy tomato on top!


If you’re there for lunch, the cake comes as part of a set with a main (pasta or rice dish), salad, soup and drink. All for only 1130 yen (as of June 2022)! While the menu and cake offerings are constantly changing with the seasons (the tomato chiffon has been a regular sighting though), we highly recommend giving all the other creative and homely dishes and cakes a try too! (that’s why we keep going back~)


Cafe Lotus カフェロータス



Tomato Rice Crackers

As for the savory department, the author’s favorite snack has to be the tomato rice crackers from Nomura Nosan のむら農産! @anyatosunday

Made from Komatsu-produced mochi rice flour, this type of rice cracker known as kakimochi has a unique texture different to the usual senbei that you may be more familiar with.



Just the right amount of Komatsu tomato puree is blended in to give an appetizing tang, making it an addictive yet healthy snack!


Since no additives or preservatives are used, the expiry is shorter than most rice crackers, so we don’t advise self-control: just finish the whole bag like we do! 😛 (it’s healthy anyway ;))


While the tomato one is our favorite (no biases here), we also recommend trying out the other flavors, consisting of vegetables produced in other parts of Ishikawa! Such as pumpkin or yuzu from our neighbors of Kaga and Nomi respectively!


The selection at the Bussan-ya souvenir shop in URARA Theater by the station, including the Komatsu tomato and Kaga pumpkin flavors. The full range can be found at the Michi-no-Eki or Nomura Nosan’s own shop, Kinoko no Sato!


Look out for these crackers at the Bussan-ya souvenir shop in URARA Theater, the Kibagata Michi-no-Eki, Nomura Nosan’s own produce shop Kinoko no Sato きのこの里, or even the local produce sections of various supermarkets.


Kinoko no Sato (Nomura Nosan) のむら農産直売店 きのこの里




Tomato Soba

If you’re looking for a lighter and more refreshing meal in this summer heat however, then consider the chilled tomato soba from Sumigen @furusato_sumigen

An old-time produce shop in the city center with a history of over 160 years, Sumigen also serves up a menu of both hot and cold soba!


And from June to September, we eagerly await their annual summer special: their chilled tomato sesame soba!

With an option to have it kakesoba style where the noodles are served in the broth, or tsukesoba style where the broth is served on the side as a dipping sauce. Both topped with a generous serving of Komatsu tomato slices.


We had the tomato sesame soba tsuke (dipping) style.


Only 5 servings of each option is available per day, so it’s best to head down for an early lunch or make reservations if you want to be assured of your bowl of tomato goodness.


Sumigen すみげん

11.30 AM, until sold out

Closed Wed, Thu

Bonus: Harvest Your Own Tomatoes!

Of course, the best way to enjoy a fruit at its freshest… is to harvest them yourself!

And you can do just that at the Lake Kiba East Park, where a tomato-picking experience is offered at their greenhouse.


At an affordable price of 500 yen, each participant is allowed three tomatoes, of any size and shape that catches your eye!

Experience Details:

Weekends, 11:00 – 11:30 OR 11:30 – 12:00

500 yen (3 tomatoes)

Register on the day at counter, first-come-first-serve

Google Maps


After your hard work (it is actually pretty effortless), you can reward yourself with a tomato smoothie at the cafe next door as well 😛




There are certainly way more hidden tomato treasures to be discovered around Komatsu, which we hope you will chance upon on your adventures! If you have other recommendations, we’d love to hear them! Do DM us on Instagram or Facebook @explorekomatsu.