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  • Ugawa Inishie Sakura

    Ugawa Inishie SakuraEarly April

    Over 90-year-old cherry blossom trees line the road, along with a cheery rows of yellow nanohana.

  • Yusenji Copper Mine Park

    Yusenji Copper Mine RemainsPlum blossoms- Mid March
    Cherry blossoms- Early April
    Irises- Early May

    From plum blossoms, to cherry blossoms, to the lilac carpet of irises covering the floor of the cedar grove, this memorial park is a nature paradise in spring.

  • Nakaumi Shibazakura

    Nakaumi ShibazakuraLate April

    A pastel paradise of purple, pink and white shibazakura cover the entire hillside of the Nakaumi-no-Sato Road Park.

  • Lake Kiba Park

    Lake Kiba ParkEarly April

    Stroll through the sakura tunnel, or admire the rare composition of cherry blossoms, lake and snowy mountain from across the lake.

  • Rojo Park

    Rojo ParkEarly April

    One of the prefecture’s most popular sakura spots, with over 130 trees of four different sakura breeds.
    The cute little lanterns strung across the trees create a charming light-up in the evenings, and the panoramic night view from the adjacent Komatsu Public Hall is also spectacular.

  • Junigataki Falls

    Junigataki FallsLate April

    Who needs a photo frame when you have a natural one made of cherry blossoms? The dreamy composition of the sakura-framed falls is an Insta-must.

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  • Lake Kiba Park

    Lake Kiba ParkHydrangeas & Irises- Mid June
    Lotuses- Late June

  • Seiryo Sunflowers

    Seiryo SunflowersEarly August

    Nothing shouts summer louder than an entire field of cheery sunflowers bobbing their heads in greeting!

  • Friendship Rose Garden

    Friendship Rose GardenLate May

    A rose garden symbolizing Komatsu City’s friendship with sister city Vilvoorde, in Belgium. Affectionally named “V-Road”, which yep not only stands for Vilvoorde, but the cutely V-shaped rose hedges.

  • Hiyo Moss Garden

    Hiyo FirefliesMid-June to August

    In this little hamlet in the mountains, locals have opened up their carefully tended gardens, in an effort to convey the wisdom of nature.
    The cedar canopy creates a mosaic of filtered rays that provides not only an enchanting sight, but fertile environment for as many as 48 varieties of moss.

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  • Natadera Temple

    Natadera TempleMid November

    One of Ishikawa’s most famous autumn spots, with the mountain temple’s symbolic rock wall shrouded in a fiery sea of leafy reds.

  • Aramata Gorge

    Aramata GorgeMid November

  • Rojo Park

    Rojo ParkMid November

  • Ugawa

    UgawaLate September

    Red carpets of spider lilies stretch endlessly along the Kakehashi River, marking the start of autumn. There’s nothing more calming than taking a riverside stroll with these swaying beauties by your side.

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  • Lake Kiba Park

    Lake Kiba Park

    Winter’s the best time to catch crisp views of snow-clad Mt. Hakusan, and Lake Kiba is one of the best viewpoints (as the locals tell us).

  • Okuradake


    Komatsu’s very own ski resort!
    Open throughout winter.

  • Rojo Park

    Rojo Park

    The sight of snow-laced Yukitsuri, rope frames supporting trees in heavy snow, is a classic winter scene unique to the Hokuriku region. Along with the frozen ponds and snow-blanketed grounds, it makes for a romantic winter wonderland.

  • Hanibe Caves

    Hanibe Caves

    The mystery of the grand Buddha head gracing the grounds is heightened as it stands solemnly in the snow.

  • Natadera Temple

    Natadera Temple

    While known as an autumn spot, the rocky terrain of this temple in the mountains makes a perfect snow canvas, and the glimpses of red temple buildings and green cedar peaking through the white makes quite a fairy-tale scene.

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