Kutani Ceramics




Komatsu is not only a major producer of this Ishikawa-unique ceramic coveted worldwide as Japan Kutani, but the sole source of the raw stone essential to its creation. Come in touch with that authentic heritage through hands-on workshops.



    Komatsu’s latest hub for all-things Kutani: a futuristic structure designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo, built over a clay factory that has been churning out Kutani clay for over 60 years.

    At this one-stop complex, you can observe the clay production process right in front of your eyes, admire the latest creations of up-and-coming Kutani artisans (perhaps supporting them with a purchase of your favorite piece), and join a hands-on workshop:

    1. Painting(Etsuke)

    Cost : 2750 yen

    Duration : 1~1.5 hours

    Max. participants : 30

    Item choices : A variety, including plates

    2. Shaping by potter’s wheel(Rokuro)

    Cost : 3300~3850 yen (depending on item/size)

    Duration : 1 hours

    Max. participants : 4

    Item choices : Cups, bowls

    3. Shaping by hand (Tebineri)

    Cost : 3630 yen (depending on size)

    Duration : 1 hour

    Max. participants : 15

    Item choices : Cups, bowls, plates etc. (or whatever your imagination dictates!)


    Click here for reservation

    Japanese only, contact us if you need help!

    Timings are fixed and have limited slots. Even if you’re not reserving, do check availability on the reservation page (closed Wed).
    All items need to be fired before you can collect them.
    Baking time is ~1 month for painted pieces and ~2 months for shaped pieces.
    Shipping costs: 1500 yen (Japan)/ 2000 yen (Hokkaido, Kyushu & Okinawa)/ 7000 yen (overseas) *self-collection possible
    All prices are per piece. Special themed workshops are also offered seasonally. Updates on reservation page!

  • Nishiseiyudo


    One of the first few kilns that sprung up upon the revival of Kutani in the 1800s.
    Today, it remains as an exhibition and experiential space where you can admire (and purchase if you fancy!) the over 500 pieces painted by the current third and fourth generation, as well as what remains of the former kiln.
    If you’re lucky, you might even get to watch the third-generation master work his painting magic first-hand!

    1. Painting(Etsuke)

    Cost: 1000 yen~ (normal paint)/ 2000 yen~ (traditional Kutani paint)

    Duration : 1hours

    Max. participants : 50

    Item choices: a wide variety

    2. Shaping(Rokuro)

    Cost: 1500 yen~

    Duration : 1.5 hours

    Max. participants : 5

    Item choices : Cups & bowls

    3. Hand Shaping(Tebineri)

    Cost: 1500 yen~

    Duration : 1.5 hours

    Max. participants : 30

    Item choices: Cups, bowls or whatever your imagination dictates!


    Japanese only, dm us if you need help!

    Opening hours: 8:30 AM ~ 7:00 PM
    All items need to be fired before you can collect them, which takes 1 ~ 1.5 months
    Additional costs incurred for shipping.
    Cost varies by size. Each additional piece will incur extra firing charges.
    Guiding pamphlets available in English, Mandarin and Korean.

  • Yunokuni no Mori Traditional Handicrafts Village

    Yunokuni no Mori
    Traditional Handicrafts Village

    If you’re on a crafts experience hunt, this crafts theme-park is the place. With over 50 workshops offered across 11 craft halls, there is more than enough to have an entire crafts day out!

    And the cultural experience continues even between workshops: as befitting of a “village”, traditional farmhouses (the likes of Shirakawa-go) dot the area, interspersed with rich greenery recreating the rural landscape of olden times. The autumn foliage is especially beautiful, but there are seasonal flowers to enjoy through the year.

    Workshops center on Ishikawa-unique crafts, including gold-leaf, lacquer, yuzen dye and of course, Komatsu’s very own Kutani ceramics:

    1. Ceramic Painting(Etsuke)

    Cost: 1200~1600 yen

    Duration: 30 mins

    Max. participants: 50

    Item choices: Teacups, plates, mugs

    Delivery time: 2 months

    2. Potter’s Wheel Shaping(Rokuro)

    Cost: 3500 yen~ (excl. shipping)

    Duration: 20 mins~

    Available timings: 10:30~15:00 (9:00~ on Mon/Sun)

    Max. participants: 9 (3 batches x 3 persons per 1h slot)

    Item choices: Bowls, cups

    Delivery time: 6 months


    Opening hours: 9:00~16:30 (closed Thu)
    Entry fee: 550 yen
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