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Domestic Routes

Naha Tokyo Sapporo Fukuoka
2 h 10 mins 1 hour 2 hours 1 h 30 mins

International Routes

Seoul Shanghai Taiwan
1 h 40 mins 2 h 20 mins 3 hours

By Air By AirBy Train or Bus

From Tokyo From Osaka From Kyoto
By Shinkansen: 2 h 40 mins
By Highway Bus: 8 hours
By Limited Express + Shinkansen:
2 h 15 mins (transfer at Tsuruga)
By Highway Bus: 4 hours
By Limited Express + Shinkansen:
1 h 45 mins (transfer at Tsuruga)
From Nagoya From Kanazawa
By Limited Express : 2 h 40 mins
(transfer to Shinkansen at Tsuruga)
By local train : 30 mins
By Shinkansen : 10 mins
Getting around Komatsu City


Major attractions such as Natadera Temple can be reached by local buses, but may be infrequent. Do check your route via Google Maps or the timetables below to confirm the timings beforehand.

In addition, do take note of the following:
・Payment is by cash only. SUICA and Pasmo cards cannot be used.
・Fees must be paid on bus in exact change, there is a change machine on the bus, but only up to 1000 yen notes can be exchanged (5000 and 10,000 yen notes not excepted)
・1-day passes may be available on board, do check with the bus driver if interested.

1) Board bus from the back door.
2) Take a number ticket from the machine at the door. The number indicates the fee you will pay when alighting, as indicated on the display panel at the front of the bus.
3) Press the bell when approaching your stop, and alight from the front of the bus.
4) Check your fee from the display panel, and drop your number ticket together with the exact fee into the fee box next to the driver. If needed, you may use the change machine to get exact change.

Bus access for major spots (from Komatsu Station):

Natadera Temple
Board: Bus Stop 4 (粟津線 Awazu Line)
Alight: 那谷寺 Natadera (last stop)

Awazu Onsen
Board: Bus Stop 4 (粟津線 Awazu Line)
Alight: 粟津温泉 Awazu Onsen

Yunokuni no Mori
Board: Bus Stop 4 (粟津線 Awazu Line)
Alight: 上荒屋 Kamiaraya

Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine / Ataka Beach / Ataka Cafe
Board: Bus Stop 3 (安宅線 Ataka Line)
Alight: 安宅の関前 Ataka No Seki Mae

Lake Kiba Park
Board: 木場潟線 Kibagata Line
Alight: 木場潟中央園地 Kibagata Chuo Enchi

Board: Bus Stop 3 (麦口線 Mugikuchi Line / 尾小屋線 Ogoya Line / ハニベ線 Hanibe Line)
Alight: 若杉 Wakasugi

Hanibe Caves
Board: Bus Stop 3 (ハニベ線 Hanibe Line)
Alight: ハニベ前 Hanibe Mae

Kinzangama Kiln / Higashi Sake Brewery
Board: Bus Stop 2 (寺井線 Terai Line)
Alight: 高堂 Takando

Bus Timetables

粟津線 Awazu Line
安宅線 Ataka Line
木場潟線 Kibagata Line
麦口線 Mugikuchi Line
尾小屋線 Ogoya Line
ハニベ線 Hanibe Line
寺井線 Terai Line

Walking or Cycling Walking or CyclingWalking / Cycling

Many attractions are located a walking distance from Komatsu Station, including MIYOSSA gallery and Rojo Park, not to forget the giant KOMATSU vehicles displayed right next to the station! You will also find shops and architecture rich in history along the Hokkoku Toori Street.

But to venture out further, consider the Komatsu Share Cycle! A bike share service that allows you to pick up and drop off bikes at any ports across the city. The bikes are all electric-powered, accommodating people of all physical levels. Rental is possible 24h with your smartphone! Check the link below for full details.

Walking: Hokkoku Toori Street
Komatsu Share Cycle

Driving AroundDriving Around

To access many of Komatsu’s lesser-known hidden gems, renting a car is recommended. This will allow you to cover more spots in a day, considering the relative distance between spots and infrequent buses. Car rentals can be found just outside the station and in the airport.

Alternatively, taxis are also readily available from Komatsu Station. For communication assistance in calling a taxi, you may approach the staff at the station souvenir store and respective tourist facilities, or use the GO taxi app.

GO Taxi (App Store)
GO Taxi (Google Play)