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  • Takigahara


    Takigahara is a mountain-side farming hamlet that has been transformed by a bunch of young residents into an agricultural-art-music hub gathering people from all over the world. Choose between a stylish private inn renovated from an 80-year-old stone warehouse, or a craft-themed hostel renovated from 100-year-old kominka where you can mingle with local artisans. Join in the farming routines of your local neighbors, hike up nearby Mt. Kurakakeyama, then recharge at Takigahara Café over galettes made from housemade soba flour and their own freshly-picked vegetables!

  • Ikumo


    A mountaintop inn above the clouds, where you can wake to the chirping of birds, meditate to the backdrop of Komatsu’s mountain ranges, watch sunset over the ocean from high above, and soak in the open-air bath beneath the stars.

    Ikumo was also once a spiritual training ground for nature worship. Retrace its spiritual roots with a trek down a former pilgrimage route to Natadera Temple, where you can join a prayer session and enjoy one of the region’s best autumn foliages.

    True to its nature-centered philosophy, eco-friendly resources such as solar energy, filtered rain water, and natural construction materials are used, and CO2 emissions kept at minimum. Meals are also prepared from organic local produce of the season!

  • Guesthouse Mikkaichi

    Guesthouse Mikkaichi

    An 80-year-old machiya guesthouse right near the station, where you can experience the traditional living environment of the townsfolk way back in the day.

    This machiya is not just a living space, but one of community, as they so dub themselves a “human intersection”. Join in some of their community events during your stay!

  • awazu-onsen

    Awazu Onsen

    Hokuriku’s oldest onsen town: established within the mountains 1300 years ago by the revered monk Taicho.

    Apart from the rustic public bathhouse, many old-time ryokan inns dot the little onsen town, assuring you a healing stay where you can relive the slow pace of the olden days, soak in the fresh spring waters that have flowed since ancient times, and tuck into comforting feasts of traditional local dishes.

  • Osugi Kominka

    Osugi Kominka

    A cosy guest inn transformed from a kominka folk house dating back to the Edo period.

    Tucked deep in the mountainous area of Osugi, it is the perfect place to dwell in the wilderness like our ancestors did, but in safety and comfort.

    Perfect for families with a whole menu of nature activities offered, including catching fish from the adjacent river, and then grilling it over the charcoal hearth for dinner.

  • Music Labo

    Music Labo

    A chalet tucked within the mountains…behind a music studio?! Yes, Music Labo is a music recording studio with a spacious two-storey inn attached, perfect for bonding with bandmates! Far up the mountain road, It is also a quiet respite for nature-lovers. Housing up to 10 people (musically-inclined or not) at just 3000 yen/pax, it even comes with a well-furnished kitchen.

    But if you’re wiped out from band practice, fret not. The master of the house is not only a pro-drummer, but an expert chef! Be wowed by his innovative creations at the vegan café conveniently housed in the same building, or cross the street for some charcoal-grilled fish or Komatsu Udon lovingly prepared by local folk at the Nakanotoge Local Produce Store.

    Inquire via their café homepage contact form or TEL

  • Etoile et fees @ Seseragi-no-mori

    Etoile et fees @ Seseragi-no-mori

    A country-style inn along the Seseragi River, where you can bask in tranquil solitude under the stars. Choose between the Japanese-style tatami-fitted inn, or the Victorian-style rooms with an attached loft or open-air bath, fit for a Queen. Either way, you’ll be pampered with luxuriously-furnished rooms and luscious greenery all around.

    In the adjacent building are a charming onsen and footbath, and a vegetarian café where your nourishing course meals, of local vegetables arranged into exquisite dishes and sweets, are served to the background music of the trickling river.

    Café homepage, inquire via their contact form or TEL