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Sweet Tales: Exploring Komatsu Pudding

In the buzz surrounding the launch of the new shinkansen service at Komatsu Station, the Komatsu Confectioners’ Association united confectioners from the region, blending Japanese and Western cuisine. Thus, the Komatsu Pudding project was born. 

Stepping into the world of Komatsu Pudding is like entering a realm of confectionery wonder, with tantalizing aromas of caramelized sugar and regional ingredients.

The project boasts 30 creations by the brilliant minds ans skillful hands of 21 local stores, showcasing an array of captivating variations. These heavenly desserts epitomize the artistry and innovation of Japanese contemporary cuisine, transporting us to a realm of pure bliss with each spoonful.


Delightful offerings showcased amidst the world of Komatsu Pudding.

Komatsu Pudding offers more than just dessert. From the Matcha Anko Pudding, envisioned by Sweets Garden Marufuji and featuring the harmonious blend of Japanese green tea and rich azuki bean paste, to the Awazu Pudding, crafted by Shukubamachi Café— a pudding that delights with its simplicity, the classic recipe, meticulously handmade one by one.


Can you choose just one?


For those seeking an unparalleled dessert encounter steeped in tradition and taste, Komatsu Pudding presents a plethora of options that challenge you to choose just one.


“Komatsu Pudding” is being sold at various shops, like the Komatsu Nine inside Komatsu Station and at Sora no Eki Komatsu in Komatsu Airport. 


Komatsu Nine:

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Sora no Eki Komatsu:

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