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Shinkansen Countdown: Fun Around Komatsu Station

Komatsu Shinkansen Station

March is coming in blink of an eye, what does that mean for Komatsu?


That the long-awaited Shinkansen is coming to our station in a blink of an eye! (literally :P)


Leading up to opening day on March 16, we figure it would be helpful to share info on:

  1. Countdown events over the next few weeks
  2. Opening Weekend events, as well as
  3. Experiences you could easily access from the station, once you’re able to hop off that bullet train at Komatsu!


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Countdown Events

Opening Weekend Events

Station Area Experiences

Explore By Bike


Countdown Events

Explore the Station Area,  Collect Digital Stamps, and Win Prizes!

*Only for those with a Japan address


Snap the QR codes displayed at 6 spots just by Komatsu Station, let Kabukky (Komatsu’s cute kabuki-inspired mascot) guide you, and collect digital stamps at least 3 of these spots to enter a lucky draw for local goods, a ryokan stay, or even Shinkansen tickets!



How to Participate:

1) Visit one of the 6 spots near Komatsu Station

Komatsu Station West Exit

Komatsu Station East Exit

Komatsu no Mori

Science Hills

Hikiyama Gallery MIYOSSA

Shoundo Gallery


2) Look for the event QR code, and take a photo with your smartphone camera (do not use a QR code reader)


Look out for this logo marking the QR codes!


3) Read the QR code to start chatting with city mascot Kabukky!


4) Kabukky will guide you to the target destination, where you will find Kabukky itself! (in AR form)


5) Have fun taking a photo/video of playful Kabukky ^^


6) If a pop-up message appears (in blue), you got the stamp!


7) To enter the lucky draw, collect 3 stamps for Prize B, or 6 stamps for Prize A


17 Feb – 17 Mar 2024


Prize B:

Komatsu Goods x 5 winners


Prize A:

10,000 Yen Ryokan Stay @ Awazu Onsen x 15 winners

OR Komatsu-Tokyo Shinkansen Ticket (two-way) x 5 winners



Follow @komatsu_nine on Instagram, post a shot of AR Kabukky and add the hashtag #カブッキーとめぐるこまつ to enter an additional lucky draw for Komatsu goods! (40 winners)


Opening Weekend Events


Bread Festival! (Mar 15 & 16)

Bread lovers alert! This weekend is your chance to savor breads from all over Ishikawa in one place, at this station-front festival gathering the prefecture’s popular bakeries!


When: Mar 15 (11AM – 5PM), Mar 16 (10AM – 5PM)

Where: Rengahanamichi (red-brick road in front of Komatsu Station)


Check @pan_fun_festa for the list of participating bakeries!


Mar 16 (Sat)

Station Area Street Markets 10 AM – 5 PM

The streets around Komatsu Station transform into car-free zones on Shinkansen opening day, coming alive with food trucks, stalls and workshops!


Specifically, the Yokkaichi shopping arcade, and historical district of Hokkoku Toorimachi.

(You might even catch a ride on a mini Shinkansen zooming through the latter!)


Come soak in the festive energy, and pick up some local bites or crafts!


Meet Pom Pom Purin & Cinnamoroll!

Sanrio characters Pom Pom Purin and Cinnamoroll will make a special stage appearance!


Time: 10 AM, 11:30 AM

Venue: East Exit stage

Cultural Performances

Lion dance, yosakoi dance, musical performances by local groups!


Time: Through the day

Venue: East Exit stage


A special performance by well-known JASDF aerobatic team, Blue Impulse, as well as a musical airshow will take to the skies above Komatsu Station!

Mar 17 (Sun) 9 AM – 5 PM

Make Your Own Parfait!

A fun way to savor Komatsu’s stone heritage, by constructing your own parfait using stone-shaped sweets!


Time: 11AM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM

Participant Cap: 10 per session

(tickets will be issued on the day first-come-first-serve)

Fee: 500 yen


Try Out Komatsu Share Cycle for Free! (Mar 16 & 17)

If you have not yet had a chance to try out Komatsu’s share cycle service, this weekend would be a perfect time!


For 16 & 17 March only, Docomo Share Bike will be offering a free 30-min ride.



  • Sign up or log in to the Docomo Share Bike app (a phone number and credit card usable in Japan is required for registration)
  • Not applicable for one-day pass use
  • Any use exceeding 30 mins will be charged the regular 110 yen per additional 30 min use
  • Download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Scroll to the bottom for more details on the Komatsu Share Cycle!

Spots & Experiences By Komatsu Station

Kabuki Cosplay @ MIYOSSA

Just a 5 min walk from the station is a gallery where you can learn about Komatsu’s biggest festival, and gain an immersive experience of this City of Kabuki’s rich theatrical heritage!


The MIYOSSA gallery allows visitors to experience the Otabi Festival any time of year, the city’s biggest festival that overturns many norms.


You may be aware that kabuki theater is traditionally performed only by men,

but its little actresses that take center stage at this over 250-year-old festival!


And not on any normal stage,

but glamorous festival floats featuring the region’s well-known crafts like lacquer and gold leaf.


The unique tradition of girl’s kabuki at the Otabi Festival


At MIYOSSA you can admire two of these festival floats up close,

and imagine the passionate performances of the local girls upon these extravagant stages,

as you watch the festival footage screened.


See the festival floats up close!

But what we particularly want to recommend here is joining one of the workshops.

Especially for the adventurous, the chance to transform into a kabuki star,

from make-up and costume, to posing like a pro to the tune of stage music!


Just check out how much fun @cheeserland had:



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Cheesieチージー (@cheeserland)


If you’re looking for a different sort of experience though, MIYOSSA has plenty of other offerings such as kabuki instruments like shamisen, or even tea-making!

All at an affordable cost (the most expensive being 500 yen for the kabuki transformation)


Experiences are by reservation (at least a day before), to ✉️ miyossa@city.komatsu.lg.jp


📍Google Maps


Let Passionate Locals Guide You Down History Lane

After your kabuki immersion, we recommend delving deeper into the history of the area, with the locals as your guide!


Specifically, the passionate shop owners of the Hokkoku Toorimachi Street 北國とおり町, who have inherited family businesses with over centuries of history, and are eager to share their proud heritage with visitors from all over the world.



Curious? Check our detailed walkthrough here:

Walk Down History Lane, With the Shopkeepers!

(useful even as reference for a quick self-guided stroll!)


Encounter the World’s Largest Dump Truck

For the uninitiated, yes, Komatsu City is indeed the birthplace of the world-famous machine of the same name.


You’d discover that right after stepping out of Komatsu Station (the Shinkansen side), for what greets you are the humongous yellow vehicles of KOMATSU: the world’s largest dump truck, rivaled in size by its companion giant excavator.



They serve as a the symbols of Komatsu no Mori, a park giving new life to the former KOMATSU headquarters, where you can not only learn about the global company’s history and philosophy, but also enjoy seasonal nature from sakura to sunflowers!


On certain days and times a week, visitors are even allowed on board the yellow giants:


10:00~11:00 / 15:00~16:00

10:00~10:30 / 15:00~15:30


If you’re a KOMATSU fan (or just want a unique memento), do check out the goods shop too!


📍Google Maps


Venturing Out Further – By Bike!

If you have a bit more time and looking to explore Komatsu further, we’ve got you covered with the Komatsu Share Cycle!


Share Cycle Komatsu Station port

You can find a share cycle port just outside the station


・Bikes can be picked up and dropped off at any port throughout the city

・All bikes electric-powered

・Available 24/7

・One-day passes can be purchased in advanced online


Full details here:

Komatsu Share Cycle: A New Way to Explore Komatsu!