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(English) Komatsu Takeout & Delivery: Cafe Grace Garden


Cafe Grace Garden

Health foodies are spoilt for choice even among Komatsu’s takeout and delivery options!


Cafe Grace Garden specializes in fermented foods (hakko shoku), Japanese diet staples (think miso, the infamous natto, and of course, sake) that are rich in nutrition and great for the gut. Just a look at their colorfully arranged platters of fermented dishes and desserts such as waffles and pancakes is proof that healthy eating can be fun and stylish too!


While the cosy cafe space is closed for the time being, a smaller menu including their fermented bento box is available for both takeaway and delivery!


Allergen note: all dishes contain fermented products like soy sauce and fermented rice


1. Fermented Bento of the Day (醗酵食弁当 hakko shoku bento)  

1000 yen (promo until state of emergency lifted)

Consisting of a main and two sides that rotate on a daily basis, with brown rice and other accompaniments.

You may also order the mains and sides ala-carte:

a) Main (主菜 shusai) 450 yen

b) Side (副菜 fukusai) 250 yen

Here are the daily mains ① and sides ②③ for May:

2. Honey Chicken Set  (ハニーチキンセット)          1000 yen (promo until state of emergency lifted)

(ala-carte honey chicken is 380 yen)

3. Spinach Shiokoji Quiche (ほうれん草の塩麹キッシュhourenso no shiokoji kisshu  380 yen

4. Pumpkin Amazake Soup (かぼちゃの甘酒スープ kabocha no amazake supu)   350 yen

5. Fermented Saba Curry (only curry, no rice etc.) (発酵サバカレー hakko saba kare480 yen

6. Amazake Cheesecake (甘酒チーズケーキ amazake chizukeki)   450 yen

7. Amazake Chocolate Gâteau (甘酒ガトーショコラ amazake gato shokora)   420 yen

8. Fermented Brown Rice (180g) (寝かせ玄米 nekase genmai230 yen

Ordering Takeaway

Walk-in may be possible if portions are available, but advance reservation via phone or SNS is recommended (by 4PM the day before).


TEL 0761-41-5351

SNS: Facebook or Instagram @cafegracegarden

Operation and collection hours: 10AM~6PM (closed Thurs)

Info to provide:


Name → 名前
Phone no. (if possible) → 電話番号
How many of which items → Bento (はっこうしょく べんとう)/Chocolate Gâteau (ガトーショコラ) etc., (quantity)個
Time and date of collection.


If you require help with ordering in Japanese, refer to our Komatsu Guide to Ordering Takeout and Delivery, or contact us via our contact form (during weekday working hours only if urgent), Facebook, or Instagram.


Payment by cash only.

Ordering Delivery

Free delivery throughout Komatsu is available with no minimum order via jimodeli.net !

Delivery hours: 11AM~2PM / 6PM~7PM (except Thurs)

Delivery Menu

1. Honey Chicken Fermented Bento (ハニーチキン発酵食弁当)             1180 yen

2. Fermented Bento of the Day (日替わり発酵食弁当)             1180 yen

3. Ala-carte Sides (単品メニュー)             420 yen

Honey Chicken (ハニーチキン)/ Amazake Pumpkin Soup (甘酒かぼちゃスープ)

Shiokoji Quiche (塩麹キッシュ)

How to Order

Simply access this page and click on the desired menu item. On the next page, indicate quantity in the box below, and click the green カートに入れる to proceed to entering delivery details and payment.


Payment by credit card or cash on delivery.


(for the full guide to using jimodeli.net, check our Komatsu Guide to Ordering Takeout and Delivery)


Store Details

Address: 〒923-0963 石川県小松市須天町2丁目264

Opening Hours: 10AM~6PM (closed Thurs)





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