Muslim & Vegetarian-friendly
~Vegetarian / Halal~

La Petite Porte

La Petite Porte

A vegetarian café hidden in the woods by the river, the perfect spot to nourish both body and soul!

Lunch sets offer an option of vegetable curry or pasta, and come with a colorful appetizer platter and soup, ensuring a hearty meal even without the meat! Sweet lovers can also add on a cake set that comes with their signature cheesecake.

For the full therapeutic experience, consider a soak in the private bath or footbath on site, and bring home some pastries from the vegan bakery next door! Or even a stay at the adjacent inn, Etoile et fees.

Muslim-friendly commitments:
-Pork-free preparation possible
-Halal-seasoning-only preparation possible
-Halal-friendly options possible
-Separate halal cookware
-Separate halal kitchen
-Separate halal utensils
-Prayer spaces
-Washing area
-English menu
-Sale of Muslim-friendly products
*contact in advance to make necessary arrangements