Ichikawa Suisen IV

  • Born 1979 in Tokyo as the eldest daughter of Ichikawa Danjuro XII. Received training in nihon-buyo dance from a young age, under her father and Fujima Kanjuro VI, and made her stage debut in 1985. From 1996, she began training under Fujima Totaro.

    In 2006, she assumed the name of Ichikawa Botan III, and went on to appear in many public performances hosted by the National Theatre and NIHONBUYO Association. Not limiting herself to just the genre of nihon-buyo, she has also partaken in contemporary performances such as the special Ichikawa Ebizo adaptation of Genji Monogatari, fusing kabuki, opera and Noh.

    In 2019, she succeeded the name of Ichikawa Suisen IV to become the head of the Ichikawa school of dance.

    Passionately involved in educational activities, she has imparted the Ichikawa style of kabuki and dance here in Komatsu, conducting introductory workshops to kabuki for local children.

    Awards under her belt include the 49th New Talent Award of the Buyo Critics Association, and the newcomer award for the 71st Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Fine Arts.

    She has also penned the memoir “Thank You, From the Daughter of Ichikawa Danjuro”, (published 2015), and having inherited the spotlight on the same stage her father has stood, she remains a dancer to watch that is anticipated to make great contributions to the next era of nihon-buyo.