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Come winter, the thing to eat are crabs. While we’ll be honest that you can get these anywhere along the coasts of Japan, there is a unique twist only available in Komatsu. “Kora” means shell, and “age” means fried…yes these are deep-fried crab shells stuffed with crab meat, specifically that of the premium Kano crabs unique to Ishikawa.

It is said that around 50 years ago, a customer’s request for a winter-specific dish spurred the owner of Nagaoki to invent this decadent masterpiece. Since then, the varieties have spread along with its popularity, with some stores adding egg, others adding cheese for a crab gratin of sorts, and the more luxurious versions even including crab roe. Have it as a full-course kaiseki at Nagaoki for the full traditional experience, or grab some at Komatsu Airport to savor at home.

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