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Komatsu Udon

Komatsu Udon

You may have heard of Sanuki udon and Inaniwa udon, but did you know that Komatsu has its own unique style of udon? In fact, the famous poet Matsuo Basho was said to be a fan! Somewhere between Sanuki and Inaniwa udon in thickness, Komatsu udon is springy yet slippery smooth, giving you that chewy satisfaction yet so easy to slurp down!

While “Komatsu Udon” originated organically more than 300 years ago as an undisputed favorite among locals and visitors alike, local enthusiasm in spreading their love for it resulted in the collective branding and reproduction of the noodles across more than 70 stores. Today, we even have an eight-rule definition of Komatsu udon:

  • It must be produced in Komatsu (of course!)
  • It must be made by hand
  • The amount of water used must be between 35~52% of that of the wheat flour
  • The concentration of the saline solution is set at 10%
  • The water must come from Mt. Hakusan
  • The dashi stock must be mackeral/herring-based, and use a generous amount of kombu kelp.
  • The ingredients must be produced in Komatsu as far as possible
But rest assured, you won’t have to interrogate every udon shop on these 8 rules. Just look out for the「小松うどん」red banners proclaiming those certified authentic!

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