Muslim-friendly~Vegetarian / Halal~


While getting to savor kaiseki course meals of crab and other local bounty may be the main draw, their exquisite collection of heirloom Kutani porcelain also provide a delight for the eyes. In addition to casual counter-style seating, private dining rooms accommodate feasts for parties as small as two and as large as fifty.

Muslim-friendly commitments:
-Pork-free preparation possible
-Halal meat preparation possible
-Halal-seasoning-only preparation possible
-Disposable dining ware available
-Preparation of prayer spaces possible
-Washing area
-Loan of towels for prayer
-English menu
-English-speaking staff
-Private dining rooms available
*contact in advance to make necessary arrangements

Cost: 6050 yen~ (lunch), 10,000 yen~ (dinner)
Access: 5 min walk from Komatsu Sta.
Reservation Link (at least 2 days before)