Komatsu City retains much of its old world charm, with many olden traditions and festivals into modern times.
From the ancient temples and shrines, the hot spring inns, to their love of kabuki,
Komatsu grants its visitors a peek into the past.


Located on the southwest plains of Ishikawa Prefecture in central Japan, Komatsu is a peaceful, friendly city with a long history and many rich traditions. Enjoy a stroll through the town and experience the unique local cuisine of Komatsu. Here, you will find the beauty of Japan that you have been looking for.


  • From Tokyo

    Hokuriku Shinkansen

    3 hours

  • From Osaka

    Limited Express

    2 hours 30 minutes

  • From Nagoya

    Limited Express

    2 hours 40 minutes

  • From Kanazawa

    JR Hokuriku Main Line

    30 minutes



  • 10 Apr 2018

    Event Calendar 2018

    Click here to find more about events happening in Komatsu in the year 2018!             ...


  • 25 Apr 2018

    Otabi Festival ~City of Kabuki~

    Komatsu City is tightly intertwined with the culture of Kabuki, one of Japan's great performing arts. Click here to...

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