Children’s Kabuki

  • Hikiyama Children’s Kabuki

    Children from the eight neighborhoods possessing hikiyama festival floats are selected to perform upon the cypress kabuki stages that are the hikiyama. Since it is restricted to only elementary school students, this chance to step upon the hikiyama is an opportunity that only comes once or twice in a lifetime. It is a precious experience befitting those born in Komatsu City. Those blessed with this opportunity grow up to become the backstage supporters passing on the hikiyama kabuki tradition to their children and grandchildren. Children that connect traditions from past to future. A town that watches over the culture of its children. That is Komatsu City.

    Japan Children’s Kabuki Festival

    Children’s kabuki is performed all over the country. We created an opportunity to witness these young boys and girls shine, right here in Komatsu City. This national event, which invites troupes from beyond Ishikawa Prefecture, has continued for over 20 years. As the citizens of the city of the Ataka-no-seki Barrier, it is standard for our Komatsu children to perform “Kanjincho”. The children even take charge of the nagauta and hayashi musical accompaniments. URARA right here serves as a bright stage for our children. We would love for you to witness the feats of our children in this authentic kabuki theater, fully furnished with a hanamachi walkway and sajiki balcony seats, during the Golden Week in May.