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Ever wanted to try a Japanese tea ceremony but found it intimidating?
Maybe you wanted to learn more about it but wasn’t sure where to begin?
Or even perhaps, you were wondering what the inside of a traditional tea house is like!

If you are interested in traditional tea ceremony, or Sado as they say in Japanese, do come down to one of the four open tea sessions that Komatsu City is organizing in 2019! Specially tailored for the curious visitor, it is a wonderful way to begin your journey into this ancient art, without all the pressure and rules of a traditional ceremony.

It costs just 500 yen to participate, and it covers the cost of the provided tea and sweet. If you just want to observe, it’s free!


14th April 2019 (Sun) – Urasenke Style
26th May 2019 (Sun) – Omotesenke Style
9th June 2019 (Sun) – Urasenke Style
6th October 2019 (Sun) – Sencha Shougetsu Style

10:00 ~ 15:00

Senso Yashiki and Gen’an Tea Houses inside Rojo Park. Please use main entrance.

¥500 (include cost of tea and sweet)
(Observation is free)

Quick Tips

  • No reservation needed, just turn up!
  • There is no dress code. But do note you will be seated on the floor
  • Socks are required to enter the tea house. If you are not wearing a pair, the tea house will loan you one.
  • Raised stools will be provided upon request.

For more inquiries, drop us a message here or call us at 0761-24-8130 (weekdays)
English, Japanese and Portuguese Support available.

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