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KUTANism 2023


We’re excited to announce that KUTANism 2023 will be held on

6 Oct (Fri) – 5 Nov (Sun)!

A joint festival between the neighboring cities of Komatsu and Nomi, KUTANism celebrates our shared heritage as production sites of Kutani Ware, a representative living craft of Ishikawa.


While a centuries-old craft, the creation of Kutani has never stopped evolving, with young generations of artisans constantly defining “Kutani” for themselves and adding their own colors to this vibrant craft.


And so the theme for KUTANism 2023 is aptly “Tracing the colors of Kutani”.

Be it through viewing the free exhibitions held across unique local sites, stepping behind the scenes into the many local Kutani studios, or joining a hands-on workshop.

Rewards are even available for those who trace (collect) the colors (stickers) from each venue!


Read on to find out more!



First: Get a guide book (for stickers and presents!)

1. Get a KUTANism guidebook from one of the following locations:



Kanazawa Station



Komatsu Station / Komatsu Nine tourist center

Shoundo Gallery 松雲堂 (map)

Hiyo Moss Garden 苔の里 (map)


Komatsu City Museum 小松市立博物館 (map)

Nishikigama Gallery 小松市立錦窯展示館 (map)

Noborigama Gallery 小松市立登窯展示館 (map)

Asakura Isokichi SHINKOTOYO Kiln 浅蔵五十吉深香陶窯 (map)

Ukitagama Kiln 宇喜多窯 (map)

Kinzangama Kiln 錦山窯 (map)

Miyaso Ceramics 宮創製陶所 (map)

Bizangama Kiln 美山窯 (map)

Miyayoshi Kutani Porcelain Maker 宮吉製陶 (map)



Nomi Neagari Station

Nomi Furusato Museum 能美ふるさとミュージアム (map)

SARAI Wellness House ウェルネスハウスSARAI (map)

KAM Nomi City Kutani Ware Museum 能美市九谷焼美術館 (map)

Kutani Artisan Support Studio (Gallery Irodori) 支援工房九谷 ギャラリー彩  (map)

Toso Shrine 佐野九谷陶祖神社 (map)

Kamide Choemongama Kiln 上出長右衛門窯 (map)

Seihodo 清峰堂 (map)

Fukushima Buzan Studio 福島武山工房 (map)

YOCA MUTA Studio 牟田陽日工房

2. Tour the KUTANism spots!

Pick spots and activities of interest listed in the guidebook!

*Be sure to check the respective opening days and hours, and whether reservations are required.

3. Collect stickers

Each spot will have a sticker of a different color.

Collect these and decorate the front page of your guidebook as you wish ^^

4. Claim your present!

Based on the number of colors you have collected, you can present your decorated guidebook for a gift!

Collection point:

Komatsu Nine Tourism Exchange Center

(at Komatsu Station)

*Clear file/tape and manekineko are while stocks last, while the mug and plate will be decided by lucky draw (and sent to winners at later date)


Three exhibitions will be held over the festival period, two in Komatsu and one in Nomi!


And this year’s venues are not your typical museums, but unique local spaces of community.

Admission is free, so we welcome as many of you as possible to come engage with the exhibits and fellow art lovers <3


Kutani Ornaments

Moss Garden X Ornaments


Hidden deep among the forests of Komatsu is the Hiyo Moss Garden. Affectionately named the “Forest of Wisdom”, for it is where the small local community has striven to preserve and impart the teachings of nature, accumulated over generations of natural coexistence.




It is thus a naturally fitting venue for this exhibition of Kutani ornaments, which likewise have accumulated generations of knowledge and technique, and have had a long symbolic existence in the lives of locals: whether to celebrate life’s milestones or pray for the safety of loved ones.




Come say hi to the little porcelain friends hiding within the forest, and experience this rare fusion of art and nature therapy!



Hours: 9AM – 4PM (until 9PM on 10/7, 10/8 and 10/14)

Venue: Hiyo Moss Garden  叡智の杜 苔の里 (map)

Entry fee: 500 yen (voluntary conservation donation)


Living With Kutani

How are Kutani Ware used?


With their extravagant colors and designs, you would not be faulted for wondering, “How exactly can I use Kutani Ware?”




Well, this exhibition is here to give some answers! Held within the Shoundo Gallery, a traditional machiya townhouse that was once a Kutani studio, you will find wares from past to present arranged in the homely setting. Hints on how these diverse wares may be incorporated into daily living spaces!


Come to enjoy both traditional architecture and art <3


Hours: 9AM – 5PM

Venue: Shoundo Gallery 松雲堂 (map)

Entry fee: Free


Wrapped in Kutani

Immerse yourself in Kutani patterns


Many identify Kutani Ware with their vivid paintings and patterns.

This exhibition allows you to experience those patterns with all your senses!

Weaving in material from local fabric maker Komatsu Matere, step into this special space and wrap yourself entirely in the colors and patterns of Kutani.




Hours: 9AM – 5PM (last entry 4.30PM)

(closed Mon or following day if public holiday, and 3rd Tues of the month)

Venue: Nomi Furusato Museum 能美ふるさとミュージアム (map)

Entry fee: Free



For those itching to fully experience Kutani with your own hands, unique KUTANism-exclusive workshops are also offered!


Design your own KUTANI Plate with stamps! (Ended)


Keen to have your own one-of-a-kind Kutani piece, but not confident in your painting skills?


Fret not, as this workshop allows you to design a Kutani plate using stamps, saving you the nerves of drawing your own fine lines! (you still get to do some painting when filling in the colors)


The use of stamps was actually a real Kutani technique used for bulk production, until machines were invented. So you will be getting to replicate the actual techniques of an artisan!


When: Sept 30 (Sat), 1 – 2PM / 3PM – 4PM

Where: Nomi Furusato Museum 能美ふるさとミュージアム (map)

Fee: 1000 yen (excl. shipping fees)

*The finished product will be sent at a later date after firing

Registration Link

Moss Bonsai in Kutani Ware! (Ended)

Make your own mini landscape garden using moss, sand and stone.

All contained within a Kutani bowl you can bring home!

Taking place right by the Hiyo Moss Garden, one of the exhibition venues.



When: Oct 22 (Sun), 10AM – 11AM / 1PM – 2PM

Where: Hiyo Moss Garden (Wisdom House)  叡智の杜 苔の里 「ウィズダムハウス」 (map)

Fee: 3000 yen

*The finished product can be brought home

Registration Link


Kutani Flower Arrangement!

A casual flower arrangement workshop will be held at another of the KUTANism exhibition venues, the Shoundo Gallery housed in an atmospheric machiya townhouse!



Choose the Kutani piece that speaks to your heart, be it a vase or a cute cup, and arrange your flowers with guidance from a local florist.


And yes, your original Kutani X Flower creation is yours to keep, the perfect way to incorporate Kutani Ware into your daily life!


When: Nov 5 (Sun), 10AM – 11AM / 1PM – 2PM

Where: Shoundo Gallery 松雲堂 (map)

Fee: 5000 yen

*The finished product can be brought home

Registration Link


Factory Tours

Over 10 Kutani studios and kilns will be open to public over the festival period!


See the creation process up close, and hear their personal stories from the artisans themselves!

You may just be bearing witness to the creation of the next masterpiece or master artisan!


List of open studios:

  • Asakura Isokichi SHINKOTOYO Kiln 浅蔵五十吉 五十吉深香陶窯 (map)
  • Ukitagama Kiln 宇喜多窯 (map)
  • Kamide Choemongama Kiln 上出長右衛門窯 (map)
  • KAM Nomi City Kutani Ware Museum (Artisan Studios) 能美市九谷焼美術館 (map)
  • Kinzangama Kiln 錦山窯 (map)
  • Seihodo 清峰堂 (map)
  • Fukushima Buzan Studio 福島武山工房 (map)
  • Miyaso Ceramics 宮創製陶所 (map)
  • Bizangama Kiln 美山窯 (map)
  • Miyayoshi Kutani Porcelain Maker 宮吉製陶 (map)
  • YOCA MUTA Studio 牟田陽日工房

Bonus: KUTANI Parfait??

Yes, KUTANism provides not just a feast for the eyes.

A special Kutani parfait will also be served during the festival period, to satisfy your sweet tooth!



That is, a parfait you can decorate yourself with colorful Kutani-esque toppings to make your own unique Instagrammable masterpiece!

All for only 500 yen!?



In Komatsu, this will be available at the new food court in Komatsu Station, KABULET

Three designs are available, with a choice of vanilla, chocolate or matcha for the soft serve portion!


*A different menu is available at the Nomi locations of SARAI Wellness House and cafe at the Kutani Pottery Village 九谷陶芸村


小松 KABULET (map)

Open 7AM – 9PM



Check back for updates!

We will be updating this page as more information on events etc. are released, so do check back if interested! (Information can also be found on https://kutanism.com/)

As always, feel free to DM us your questions on Insta/FB @explorekomatsu