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KUTANism 2022

KUTANism is a joint festival between the neighboring cities of Komatsu and Nomi, in celebration of our shared heritage as production sites of Kutani Ware, a representative living craft of Ishikawa.


While a centuries-old craft, the creation of Kutani has never stopped evolving, and for this 4th edition of KUTANism you’ll get to be a part of that evolution through not just seeing, but also engaging your hands in making and your taste buds in savoring!

Two Exhibitions

Two exhibitions will be held over the course of the festival, one in Komatsu and one in Nomi!

The Tools of Kutani クタニの道具展


The intricate patterns and shapes of Kutani often beckon the question: how exactly are these works of wonder made?


This exhibition takes you behind the scenes for an intimate walk through the entire Kutani-crafting process: through a rare look at the specialized Kutani tools, that are as sophisticated as the masterpieces they create.


And once you know all about the labor of love that goes into each and every Kutani work, you’ll be able to appreciate them all the more!


Date: Oct 15 (Sat) – Dec 11 (Sun)

Hours: 10AM – 5PM (last entry 4.30PM) (closed Wed)

Venue: CERABO KUTANI (Kutani Ceramic Laboratory) (map)

Entry fee: 300 yen

(High-school age and below: 150 yen; Those with disabilities + a caregiver: free)


CERABO KUTANI, a futuristic Kutani gallery designed by Kuma Kengo, where the exhibition will be held

Best Selection: NEXT Kutani vol. IV    名工選「NEXT九谷 vol.IV」展

With little rules defining what Kutani should be, artisans today have made a name for themselves with their own unique techniques and styles.


Immerse yourself in this fascinating world of modern Kutani through this exhibition featuring the best works of the current generation of artisans!


Date: Oct 15 (Sat) – Dec 11 (Sun)

Hours: 9AM – 5PM (last entry 4.30PM) (closed Mon)

Venue: KAM Nomi City Kutani Ware Museum (Gosai-kan) (map)

Entry fee: 430 yen

(Groups above 20: 370 yen; Senior citizens above 75 years: 320 yen;

Free for high-school age and below/those with disabilities + a caregiver)



For those itching to fully experience Kutani with your own hands, unique KUTANism-exclusive workshops are also offered!


Mold a Maneki-neko Fortune Cat    福を呼ぶ・招き猫の型おこしにチャレンジ!


Always wanted to have a fortune-beckoning feline of your own?

Here’s a chance to make your own out of Kutani ceramic!

And not to worry about your shaping skills, since a mold will be used 😛


When: Nov 27 (Sun), 10AM – 11.30AM / 1.30PM – 3PM

Where: CERABO KUTANI (map)

Who: Children between junior high to senior high school (18 years old) age, or parent-child pairs. (Up to 10 participants per session)

Fee: 3000 yen (excl. shipping fees)

*The finished product will be sent at a later date after firing


Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCNBKkgeDvZ01n7hUG_2MocoSDG3RcgcQ51mxUTqp4lC0L6Q/viewform?usp=sf_link 


Playing with KUTANI SEAL     KUTANI SEALで遊ぼう


Design your own one-of-a-kind Kutani masterpiece, no painting skills required!

Made possible with special stickers made out of Kutani paint.

The white Kutani ceramic base is provided for you, just pick and stick your own selection of stickers!


When: Nov 26 (Sat), 10AM – 11.30AM / 1.30PM – 3PM

Where: KAM Nomi City Kutani Ware Museum (Taiken-kan) (map)

Who: Children up to senior high school age (18 years old), or parent-child pairs. (Up to 20 participants per session)

Fee: 3000 yen (excl. shipping fees)

*The finished product will be sent at a later date after firing


Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeP4SwOjtOf_cMy_hPhRqckG4W3Vi787hzDKW4_EaDiv6lfjw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Tea Session ○△□茶会


Admire “universal tea bowls” made in collaboration with people with disabilities, and select one of your liking to enjoy some matcha tea with!


When: Nov 20 (Sun)

(Exhibition) 1PM – 6PM, (Tea session) 1.30PM / 3PM / 4.30PM

*arrive 30 min before your schedules session

Where: SARAI Wellness House (map)

Fee: 1000 yen


Registration Link:




Have both a visual and gastronomical feast at these food events held at each exhibition venue!


For those who prefer plating to painting.

Choose from a mouthwatering spread of sweet treats from local patisseries, and “design” your Kutani plate for that perfect Instagram shot!

When: Oct 22 & 23 (Sat & Sun), 11AM – 5PM

Where: CERABO KUTANI (map)

Kutani Food Street   九谷よこちょ


Enjoy local street food in style: on special paper plates in Kutani-design!


When: Oct 15 & 16 (Sat & Sun), 10AM – 5PM

Where: KAM Nomi City Kutani Ware Museum (Gosai-kan) (map)


Take a Tour

Tour packages combining exhibition admission + artisan-guided painting workshop at a discounted price will be available for purchase, so look out for updates on the KUTANism homepage!


And while you’re in the area, why not take the chance to discover more about the production sites of Komatsu and Nomi?

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