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(English) Takeout & Delivery @ Komatsu: aniki no curry

[:en]Introducing Komatsu’s latest curry house,

aniki no curry

You may be surprised to know that curry is a very popular dish in Komatsu, and you will find eateries offering all sorts of curry all over the city, from our very own Komatsu-style curry, to Indian curry, and even vegan curries! With the opening of aniki no curry barely two weeks ago, a new offering has been added to the mix: Sri Lankan curry.


While it may be Komatsu’s newest eatery, the premises are rich in history: a traditional machiya (see previous posts on other machiya eateries: Sansuiyu & Machiya Bunko) that first housed the famous Komatsu udon chain Nakasa, then Minatoya, a 24h cafeteria beloved by locals.


Now, two years since the closure of Minatoya, new life is being breathed into this treasured building once again, with a sleek high-topped eating space within the rustic preserved facade, and curry combining rich spices imported from Sri Lanka with seasonal local produce.



With the current COVID-19 restrictions, only two offerings are currently available, but will be expanded once normal operations can begin!

1. Signature Sri Lankan Curry スリランカカレー        850 yen

Chicken curry (pork sometimes available), rice, and daily rotating Sri Lankan sides. (e.g parippu (beans curry), mallum (stir-fried veg), sambol (grated coconut relish) or brinjal moju (pickled stir-fried eggplant).

2. Curry of the Day ひがわりカレー         (price varies)

Exciting new curries made with fresh seasonal ingredients the chef is able to get his hands on that day.

Recent examples include scallops from Hokkaido and Noto beef tendon.

Also accompanied by rice and Sri Lankan sides.


Ordering Takeaway

Orders can be made directly on site, but only 20 servings are available per day, so reservations are recommended, via:

TEL 090-2836-8425


Info to provide upon ordering:

Name → 名前
Phone no. (if possible) → 電話番号
How many of which curry → Sri Lankan Curry (スリランカカレー)/Curry of the Day (ひがわりカレー), (quantity)個
Time and date of collection (11AM~3PM)

Payment by cash only for now, but they will offer card and mobile options soon!

If you require help with ordering in Japanese, refer to our Komatsu Guide to Ordering Takeout and Delivery, or contact us via our contact form (during weekday working hours only if urgent), Facebook, or Instagram.

Ordering Delivery

Free delivery throughout Komatsu is available with no minimum order via jimodeli.net !

Currently, only their Sri Lankan curry is available.


Delivery hours: Weekdays 11AM~3PM


Simply access this page, indicate quantity in the box, and click the green カートに入れる to proceed to entering delivery details and payment. Payment by credit card or cash on delivery.

(for the full guide to using jimodeli.net, check our Komatsu Guide to Ordering Takeout and Delivery)


Store Details

Opening hours: 11AM~3PM

Address: 〒923-0927 石川県小松市西町69−1




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