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(English) Special Museum Exhibits (Oct – Nov 2018)


Three Special Museum Exhibits!

From the end of September until Mid-November, Komatsu will play host to 3 different exhibitions!

As part of the celebratory events for the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Era, the city will be holding special exhibitions simultaneously.

Quick Details!

Ticket Details

Entry Fee: 500 Yen General Admission. (Allows access to all 3 museums)

(Komatsu Museum Pass cannot be used during this time)

Free for High School Students.

A single ticket grants access to all 3 museums

You can use the ticket across different days within the event period. This is not a single-day ticket

Opening Hours

Rest Day: Mondays (If Monday is a Public Holiday, Closed on Tuesday instead)

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 (Last Entry at 16:30)

Event Period: 29 Sept – 18 Nov

Playing around with Shapes

Venue: Honjin Memorial Art Museum

The Crafts Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo will be shifting to Kanazawa City in 2020. To celebrate the move, Komatsu City will be displaying some famous craft pieces. Over 40 pieces of Japanese crafts, including those from Honjin’s personal collection will be displayed. Sorted by 5 different themes, the exhibit include rather intriguing and interesting pieces that are sure to tickle your fancy.

A Colourful Adventure -Nishikigama Kiln and Yoshita Minori’s Work-

Venue: Komatsu City Museum

The Nishikigama Studio was established in 1906 by the Yoshita family. It is here that the first and second generation began experimenting with gold and new art techniques to create their iconic works. The 3rd generation, Minori was granted the title of National Living Treasure in 2001 for his Yuri Kinsai technique. Learn of the history of the Kiln that spawned this legacy and admire the lifework of the 3rd generation in this wonderful exhibit.

Explore a New Generation of Artists -Kutani Now-

Venue: Nishikigama Gallery

Pieces from 14 young and upcoming artists will be featured in this exhibit. The judaxposition of modern styles with the traditional building makes for an interesting time.

Related Events

Opening Talk
► 9/29 (Sat) 10:45 ~

► Honjin Memorial Art Museum

► Fee: Included in Museum Entry Cost

► No Prior Reservation Needed
Gallery Talks

► Honjin Memorial Art Museum

► 10/6(Sat) , 11/4 (Sun)

► 2 Time Slots: 1. 10:00 2. 14:00

► Komatsu City Museum

► 10/13 (Sat), 11/10 (Sat)

► 10:00

► Nishikigama Gallery

► 10/13 (Sat), 11/10 (Sat) 14:00 ~

►No Prior Reservation Needed

►Please be at the museum slightly before the tour begins

Special Lectures ~ Of Shapes and Materials
► 11/11 (Sun) 14:00 ~ 15:00

► Citizen Art Gallery Rifare

► First 100 people only

► Fee: Included in Museum Entry Cost

► No Prior Reservation Needed

Talk Session

► 10/28 (Sun) 16:00 ~

► Shoundo Gallery

► Free Entry

► No Prior Reservation Needed

One Day Concert in the Park

► 10/21 (Sun) 10:00 ~ 16:00

► Sora-to-Kodomo Children Library, Miyamoto Saburo Art Museum, City Museum, Honjin, Library

► Free Entry for Ishikawa Residents (Bring Proof!)

► No Prior Reservation Needed

Traditional Activity Workshop

Paint your own Kutani Plates

► 11/10 (Sat) ①13:00 ~ 1400 or ②14:00 – 15:00

► Citizen’s Gallery Rifare (City Museum 1F)

► 15 Participants Only

► Fee:1500 Yen (Not Inclusive of Sending Fee)

► No Prior Reservation Needed

The Item will be delivered via post after drying and firing

Studio Visit and Painting Activity

Visit Nishikigama Gallery and various studios, and try your hand at painting with these bus tours.

► 11/7 (Wed) 9:00 – 15:00

► 20 Participants Only (First Come Basis, by 10/10)

► Fee:3000 Yen (Lunch Cost and Painting Materials included)

► Call 0761-22-0714 (City Museum) to Reserve

Komatsu’s Tea Culture Story

A Special Exhibit of Modern and Meiji Era versions of Tea Ceremony Tools

► 9/29 (Sat) – 11/18 (Sun)

► Miyamoto Saburo Art Museum 2F (Multipurpose Room)

► Fee:400 Yen


All museums are located within close promixity of each other.

15 minute walk from JR Komatsu Station.

If you wish to take a bus:

1. Towards Terai, get off at Kyo-machi

2. Take the City Loop Bus, get off at Komatsu City Hall/Office

3. Towards Komatsu Airport, get off at Nishi-machi. Walk 5 minutes

If you are driving please use the Car Parks around City Hall.