Natadera Temple

Natadera Temple was established by the great monk Taicho 1300 years ago in the year 717. Visitors to the temple grounds can admire the distinctive and craggy stones and cliffs; volcanic rocks eroded over the millennia by wind and rain. In addition, 7 buildings and sections within Natadera Temple have been designated nationally important cultural properties or sceneries, which ensures their preservation for future generations to enjoy.


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The Kigan Yusenkyo, together with the surrounding flora and fauna blend together to create a fascinating (and dare we say, Instagram-worthy?) landscape.

Within the Honden (Main Shrine), visitors can experience the "Iwaya Tainai Kuguri.″The locals believe that the cave is akin to a mother's womb, and by walking through it, one is cleansed of their sins, and reborn anew.