Ataka-no-Seki Barrier

The Kanjincho or Subscription List is a very well-known kabuki play in Japan. In its pivotal scene, Benkei skillfully evades the interrogation from the barrier guard Togashi, reading off from a blank piece of paper (the eponymous subscription list) and even going as so far to beat up his own master, Yoshitsune.
Togashi sees through the deception, but is so impressed by Benkei's resolve, he permits their group safe passage through anyway.

The setting of this scene is located at Ataka-no-Seki Barrier, in the Ataka neighborhood. Other attractions here include, Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine, specializing in overcoming hurdles, and the Kanjincho Museum.


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The nearby Ataka Sumiyoshi Shrine contains precious woodblock prints and elaborate embroidery designs depicting scenes from Kanjincho. The local miko priestesses will be glad to explain (no foreign language support)

If you love sunsets, drop by Ataka View Terrace, where you can enjoy a light meal while watching the sun set into the Sea of Japan.